Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Salvia guaranitica against an impressive background

Many, most, of the Salvias are from the south, Texas say, or Mexico. It takes a lot of heat to get them going and they often don't get started flowering heavily till late summer. I often feel that they have been surprised by the cold temperatures of fall. Then they're cut down in their prime. This fellow is still standing tall and proud today.


MulchMaid said...

I love those blue salvias. He''s an impressively staunch survivor...but haven't you already had multiple nights below freezing?

Keith said...

I grow this and several other Salvias, mainly for their long flowering season.
As they rarely tend to be hardy here in the UK I lift the tubers of the better ones (and this is one of them) for the winter, storing them dry in fresh compost. I then grow them on under glass until late May before planting back out. Many times they are blooming by planting time.