Monday, October 10, 2011

Small but fierce (Robin Williams in Death to Smoochy)

Max and Peter spotted this small snake in the garden this afternoon. I'm darned if I know what it is. If it weren't so skinny, I'd call it a hog-nose... that must be what it is. They favor sandy areas and our garden is all sand and gravel. I just hope it grows up and eats many voles.

I bought a bunch of different sedums today for mixed planting in the new steps. I bought individual pots, divided them where I could, and used the broken pieces. I dug up a few from the front bed by the street and moved a Viola pedata and a small creeping cinquefoil. I'll move a few pieces of black mondo grass and maybe some pink pussytoes. I'm going for a xeric mixed carpet look. Have to add some iceplants too.

I was intrigued to find a number of fresh 1" holes in the soil between the stone risers. Chipmunks, I hope. The dog spent much of the day sniffing them, without trying to dig out the mystery inhabitants. Maybe they're not a mystery to her. If there's voles in those holes, she's welcome to dig them out, though I think voles don't dig their own tunnels. I've heard they adopt old mole digs.

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MulchMaid said...

Cute little guy. Hope your sedum pieces do well. It's gratifying how such small bits will so often grow happily.