Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tricyrtus hirta 'Miyazaki', named for the Japanese Experimental Station that selected it

This is part of a huge planting at the intersection of Hickey Hill Road and the path to the Pagoda. It's a big healthy drift and if it were in range of irrigation, or if I were a bit more attentive to it's water needs in the summer, it'd be even nicer than it is. And that's going a ways. Tricyrtis is a wonderful plant to drift into shady areas where there is adequate moisture all through the growing season. Late flowers are the highlight, but the uniformity of height and texture can help to pull some order into a shady area.

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College Gardener said...

I love these! Mine, too, does not always get enough water over the summer but my mom just sent me some pictures of it because it is flowering like a trooper.