Saturday, August 20, 2011

Julie, Nancy, and Eugenia came in Thursday and we did a lot of grooming

Not a great day for volunteers, but an okay day for mid August, it got up to about 90F. The humidity was up there though, so we didn't dig any holes or fell any trees. Instead we pruned, weeded, cut back perennials and the odd shrub, removed a lot of scorched foliage, and generally worked on fine tuning the top of the Japanese Woodland and the bottom of Korean Hill. We wandered down to the GCA Circle but we've been staying on top of that area and it didn't need much work.

This island bed surrounded by roads is part of Korean Hill; it responded to our attentions and the recent rains. Friday morning sun lit it up so that leaves, flowers, and the bark of the Acer griseum seemed to glow from within. Though it's clearly still summer, mornings have been more pleasant of late. Lower nighttime temperatures generate groundfogs that condense on the plants and refract the sunlight pleasantly.

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