Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rosa roxburgii...I'm a "hip" man when it comes to roses

This one has some serious albeit prickly hips.

We decided to show no mercy to Amanda on her last full day so we did a little project on the floodplain below China Valley. This is an area that contains a good number of wild collected plants and doesn't get the level of maintenance that it deserves. The last time we did any major work there was almost two years ago. Amanda wanders down once in a while and Nate sprayed once after that project turned out not to be in such bad shape as we feared; we sort of knew this because we do walk there once in a while, but Carole and I are both good at visualizing worst case scenarios and Amanda is such a perfectionist that she really though it was a disaster today. Me, I was overjoyed at the state of things. Still, I had to crawl under this rose to uproot some Ampelopsis vines. No problem for the dedicated and the intrepid.

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