Friday, June 24, 2011

Impatiens omeiana and Asarum maculatum,

Amanda and I have both been working on upgrading the planting around the GCA Circle. She was tasked with it two years ago and I, last year. I know things are moving in the right direction, but I'm increasingly aware of large areas of bare mulch. Not attractive. Even if it were good mulch it would be too much and in fact, it's coarse and chunky, drying to that "bleached bones" effect. I looked around today for relief. Facer plants for the front of the beds. I snatched an Asarum maculatum from bed "L" in the Japanese Woodland; it's an evergreen clumping ginger. Then I snatched Impatiens omeiana from the circle area and moved it across the path in front of the tree peonies. both are very cool plants. After lunch, I dug some sods of Phedimus 'John Creech' from China Valley and planted them under the Musella and the Colocasias. It's a nice low green Chinese sedum that forms lush green mats.

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