Monday, June 13, 2011

Clemati texensis cultivars/hybrids in the Fern Valley Sunny cultivar bed....Joan thinks their parentage is susect

from the top: Clematis texensis; Clematis texensis 'Duchess of Albany' (two pictures); Clematis texensis 'Odoriba'

At least she is skeptical as to the idea that they're selections of Clematis texensis; as beautiful as the bottom two cultivars are, they don't look like selections of the species (the top picture). They, no doubt, have texensis in 'em but it seems likely they're hybrids and there seems to be no record of the other parent. Oh well....they are beautiful and though they're not as spectacular as the large flowered Clematis, I think I prefer them.

I did the design for this bed a few years back and Joan and Michael have been able to work around it to produce a nice little bed. Right now the clematis are flowering on those cool natural trellises along with a number of Echinacea selections, some Stokesia cultivars, and a few odds and ends. I used baptisia for structure and they're providing that now though they're through flowering.

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