Sunday, May 15, 2011

There are a lot of nice gardens in NW Washington, DC; this is one of them

Peter had a grilling gig Saturday night so I went down to help him move his equipment motivated both by the urge to be helpful and a desire to see how Mary's garden was doing. Well, her garden was spectacular. The vegetable garden was tidy and producing; plenty of lettuce. There were a few leftover winter veggies and the beds were ready for hot weather crops. Te rest of the garden is ornamental and it was surely that last night. A long row of Rhododendrons ran inside the fence on the south end of the property. The other long fence (it's a corner lot) along the west side has roses and vines inside and on it, and a narrow perennial planting on the outside. A long row of peonies is visible in the mid-ground of the middle picture, their buds just beginning to open.

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Thomas said...

Great photos. Love the fence! Love the house!