Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pat, Carole, Chris and I went to visit Gordon Hagen's's Magnolia Collection in Thurmont Maryland

From the top: Magnolia
'Dark Shadow', 'Hot Flash', 'Joe McDaniels', 'Sun Ray'

It's pretty impressive. On 150 acres withing a stone's throw of Camp David, Gordon has well over 300 Magnolias. While ours at the Arboretum, maybe 40 miles south, have finished flowering, we saw blooms on.....I'm guessing maybe around 100 plants. He has a particularly impressive collection of the yellow flowered M. acuminata hybrids.

I didn't take great notes, but I believe he told us his father bought the property in the early 1940's and he, Gordon that is, began planting in 1965. After living on the west coast, Seattle, he returned in 1972 bringing a few plants with him. They have grown to impressive proportions in 45 years. And he's added plants in the intervening years. It has become truly an impressive Arboretum. In addition to magnolias he has impressive plantings of Prunus, Viburnum, Acer, and many genera of conifers.

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