Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hellebores look better in the near view....especially these plants

I didn't plant them in the wall, they just seeded down into it. I admit it isn't the prettiest wall in the world. When we moved into the house almost 30 years ago we were young and poor; buying stone for a wall really wasn't an option, so we went with "found materials." We didn't really have a choice about terracing the yard. It sloped from front to back (north to south) and from right to left (west to east). There wasn't enough level ground for two lawn chairs.

So we terraced with scrounged concrete, shovel and mattock. Stepping out the basement door (facing south) the wall starts a few feet to your right and meanders a hundred feet or so on a ss by se track ending where the bamboo grove used to begin. There are beds above and, a mediocre linear area of turf below it witch is bordered by a wide planting bed running the length of the east edge of the garden. The wall is presented at its worst here; it does look better in other seasons when the light isn''t so harsh and plants soften it.

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