Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Elymus canadensis (bottom), Dodecatheon pulchellum, Aquilegia caerulea, Cercocarpus montanus (top) and more

Scott, Kevin, and GrayC, on their trip to S. Dakota, Nebraska, etc., scouted last spring, collected last fall, and now Brad has germinated quantities of their collections. It's pretty exciting.

I love plants. Beautiful plants are wonderful, curious plants delight me, but there's something about unknown plants.... Of course I know the genus Dodecatheon, but aren't they all pretty? How beautiful must a plant be to be named "the pretty" Dodecatheon? Hundreds have germinated. All Aquilegia are beautiful; this one, Aquilegia caerulea, is part of many garden hybrids but in its basic form is as nice as the selections...I think. I saw an Astragalus I didn't know and that Elymus; I've no idea what Cercocarpus mantanus is, but I'm going to find out.

These are just a tiny part of the total collections. I'll be watching them.

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