Monday, January 10, 2011

When you put an orange bowling ball in your garden in Florida you're casting your alleigance...but sometimes a bowling ball is just a bowling ball

Like in my case; I just like the color! 49% of Floridians are Florida State Seminole fans, 49% Florida Gator fans, and 2% Miami fans. According to my informal observations. This ball came from a thrift store and without doubt identified its prior owner as a Florida Gator fan. We occasionally drive through Gainsville on the way south just to mix things up; there are areas of the city that are the same color as this ball.

The Gulf of Mexico was tranquil and pleasant if a bit cool for swimming.

That sine curve of mole hills look like anthills to me but I have it on the authority of long-time residents that they are the product of a burrowing mammal. I just liked the look of them.

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