Friday, December 3, 2010

Colocasia 'Diamondhead' & 'Blue Hawaii' are taking part in an experiment

That's 'Blue Hawaii'; it doesn't look good does it? We're hoping the roots are snug beneath those leaves. We planted a mixture of those two varieties this year between the paved terrace and the semicircular low stone wall. The wall ranges in height from about a foot to almost 3 feet, and faces just about due east. Rather than dig the plants and store them over the winter we decided to see if they could make it through the winter under this deep leaf mulch (we pulled leaves down from above the circle and mounded them on the bed.. The east facing wall ought to help as should the fact that any roots penetrating under the wall are all of a sudden way underground. I'm thinking that from the point of view of temperature all ought to go well after all, Tony says they're zone 7b and that's about what we are.

I have noticed though that chipmunks live in this wall and I hope we haven't created a sort of a root cellar for the little rodents.Hey, Colocasia esculenta! I've noticed that anything that we eat always seems to attract extra attention from herbivores. If so, we've set things up nicely; if the snow is too deep, they can just tunnel over through the leaves. You're welcome guys.

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