Sunday, October 10, 2010

The sales tent was particularly beguiling this year.....or was I just in the mood?

The show continues through Columbus Day, Monday. In previous years, I've not seen so many plants in the sales tent or such a diverse selection.There were even a few Bletillas, hardy orchids. As always the vendors, fanatics themselves, are wonderful sources of advice and enthusiasm. They'll tell you the straight truth about cultural conditions, so you'll know whether you can handle a given plant or not.

I love the plant in the top picture; its colors are so excellent for fall. This one was in the tent, but mine is spiked and this will be the third fall it has flowered; I'll find that name somewhere. The middle plant, the white and yellow flower, is Odontoglossum Serendipity 'Yellow Mellow', the bottom one, Cattleya Chocolate Dorman 'Merri-Chloe'.

I didn't intent to buy any orchids but....well, it must have been the weather. Three little ones jumped into my box: Dendrochitum javierii, Miltassia 'Kauai's Choice', and Odontoglossum Serendipity 'Yellow Mellow'. The Odontoglossum is the middle picture of the three above. The Dendrochiton has narrow strap leaves and a nodding yellow bottle-brush raceme. It is in spike but showing no color. I was tempted by other taxa of Dendrochitons, many of which have structurally interesting foliage, but restrained myself. The Miltassia is one of those larges spidery ones.

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