Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A couple of hours later I have a truck full of plants...I haven't done this for years and I'd forgotten how much fun it is.

Karen Upton and Sons doesn't mark up plants. They do charge for shopping, but the client pays what they paid and gets the receipt. Even so, it's incredibly satisfying to find bargains. Some of them were serious markdowns....on superior plants. It's no bargain to pay less for a smaller or less healthy plant. I found some wonderful Heucheras for 1/3 the estimated (and the usual) price. Found boxwoods for 1/3 less than the estimateed cost and bigger. And Hosta 'Guacamole' in a 3 gallon pot for 10 dollars. Wow, Box Stores, gotta love 'em.

I even found bargains I couldn't use! Behnke's in Beltsville had both Yucca 'Bright Edge' and 'Color Guard', beautiful plants in smallish pots for 9.99 minus 25%. They're in the perennial department right next to the one gallon Japanese Anemones that I did buy for 25% off. These are my favorite variegated Yuccas and that's an unheard of price. Actually 'Bright Edge' is one of my favorite plants. It's not unusal to have to spend 30 dollars or more for either. These plants, granted, are on the small side, but they grow at a good pace and they are beautiful specimens. They, Behnke's, had nice fastigiate Yews, not cheap, but the alternative is a 60+ mile drive. Actually Behnkes woody plants department is well=stocked.

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