Friday, July 23, 2010

ANS Field Trip finds the butterflies

As I write this at 5:00 pm, the heat index has dropped to 105, the temperature to 98. These are some intrepid naturalists. They came seeking butterflies, birds, plants, reptiles; I'm sure they'd even have welcomes a big snake. Notice thought, that they do have the good sense to stand in the shade.
I was curious about the nature of their outing, they'd told me they were from the ANS, which I know from having been a member is the Audubon Naturalist Society, so I googled their event. I discovered that today was part of a Summer in the Parks program that encouraged members and non-members to see and learn while experiencing various habitats in various locations around the area. 

"Join two naturalists to explore the summer richness of parks in the Potomac Watershed. As summer arrives and progresses into its muggy days and nights, wetlands and meadows soak up the sun and come alive with plant and wildlife activity. We’ll explore these habitats with walks of up to 2 - 3 miles, at a slow summer pace, in search of birds, butterflies, dragonflies, reptiles, amphibians, and summer plant life. "

They were finding butterflies everywhere and identified half a dozen for me in about a minute. The heat didn't seem to diminish their enthusiasm any, or if it did they must be a frightening bunch when it cools off.

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Nicola Moss said...

Hi Chris, What a great event. I am still finding it hard to grasp the enormous change in climatic conditions you experience during a year. It's very interesting to see flora and fauna in this context of distinct seasons. Thank you.