Thursday, July 8, 2010

150 foot long spider web at the Brickyard.....I wasn't scared.

It's beyond my photographic ability to communicate the effect of a spider web that ran more than 100 feet around the perimeter of this pile of wood chips. It just kept going and going and going....until it met itself coming.

As I often do in situations of ignorance, I went fishing on the web and discovered that there is a group of spiders called "the social cobweb spiders." That sounded promising, The description of their webs as three-dimensional and irregular further encouraged me. Sue Greeley looked for spiders, but even with better vision than mine, failed to locate any. I'll come by before work tomorrow and see whats shaking. I think it's a pretty safe assertion that these webs are the work of some type of social spider. I had never heard of such a thing but discovered that they often huge number of individuals, 1,000s, of varying ages live together.


Nicola Moss said...

Wow! What an amazing web. Look forward to hearing what the spiders are like if you see any.

Amy said...

I'm a little scared...