Monday, March 1, 2010

We've been seeing this large healthy Red Fox this year

Foxes are one of the only things that I see better now than I did 30 years ago. There may be recluses, but it seems like Foxes in general are a lot less wary of people than they used to be. I worked for a well-driller in the late 1970's and often found myself arriving on new homesites early in the morning before anyone else arrived. I'd park the truck, and temperature allowing, sit in the cab and watch what was going on. If the house was in an isolated wooded area, and they often were, it wasn't unusual to see a fox walk into the clearing. As soon as they detected my resence they dematerialized and that was that. I wouldn't see that fox again, though we often spent a week or more at a site.

Not that long ago I gardened on a large estate in the District of Columbia and the foxes there behaved quite differently. They regularly denned in the same place and the mother fox, vixen?, routinely dragged her kits out into the driveway showing them off like a proud mother cat. I like to talk and visit various people in regard to their gardens so we talk. Their stories parallel my own observations. Foxes just seem like they're becoming domesticated. Genenerationally speaking, 30 years isn't too long in human terms but it's a lot longer for Foxes. I know I would welcome foxes into my garden for vole control even if they weren't beautiful.

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