Monday, March 8, 2010

It wa take your mother to work day in the Asian Collections today. Amanda's mother, Kathy, volunteered for a day and found out how hard her daughter works

Okay, I'm in my high fifties. Simple arithmetic tells me that the difference between my age and that of most of the interns and young gardeners is something like 35 years. Still, I've never been older than anyones  parents though...until now. I imagine from now on it'll just be a matter of time until  become a grandfather figure.

One of the things about Amanda is that she works tirelessly, ceaselessly, relentlessly almost. It's difficult to keep her in lists; she starts at the top and works through item after item. I keep looking nervously over my shoulder. I know she made a list for today. for the two of them to work from. It included such things as cutting back Epimediums and Caryopteris, raking storm debris from beds and trails, and any number of things I didn't even know about. I also know they finished it shortly after lunch. I never had any doubts.

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