Friday, January 22, 2010

Viburnum farreri, Fragrant Viburnum

Betty came in yesterday, Thursday. She's the first Thursday volunteer I've seen since I got back from Florida. It's been a fairly cold winter. We walked through the collection and noticed this Viburnum flowering at the entrance to China Valley. Despite its common name, I was unable to detect any fragrance. Just like last year. Still, my motto is, "flowers in mid-winter are a good thing!" V. farreri is one of the parents of V x 'Dawn'. Dawn is a plant similar in appearance and quite fragrant. It's an old hybrid, dating from the mid 1930s and isn't seen much anymore. V. x 'Mohawk', an Arboretum release and a burkwood, is a more compact, more floriferous plant with a wonderful fragrance.

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