Sunday, December 13, 2009

It rained all day so I brought a couple of orchids into the office for inspiration

The top plant is an unnamed Dendrobium, w/ 'Fire Coral' as a parent. It came from a NCOS (National Capitol Orchid) show three years ago. I've long since lost the plant label, but materials science being what it is the adhesive sticker on the side of the pot with the price ($20.00) is still in perfect condition despite being watered at least 200 times. Wow. The yellow and brown flower is...well I don't know what it is; maybe an Oncidium? It came from a Flea Market in Florida and cost 3$ about three years  ago. It was likely a culled plant from a cross. Flea Markets are good outlets for the 995,996.997?  seedlings out of a million that don't make the cut.  Still, it's a nice plant.

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