Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Asian Collection staff had some help from the Creative Solutions work group today

After a two week hiatus, we resumed our campaign of peripheral reclamation; we worked in the circle at the top of Hickey Hill. All morning Nate, Amanda, Neal, and I cut down undesirable trees and shrubs, tossed them to the road and cut them to roughly 10' lengths. At 10:30 our group arrived, two counselors and 10 adults with "challenges" who are being introduced to various workplace environments. They loaded three vehicles repeatedly and so we were able to  move  lot of debris to the Brickyard wastepile before they left at 1:00 pm.

All parties were cheerful and worked unceasingly. They were wonderful people and I think that there are various types of activitie they could help with in the gardens. They certainly took suggestions better and more to heart than most of us do. One time I mentioned that loading the branches with the butt towards the cab made for a better load. From that point to the end of the job, that's how the branches went in. Except for Neal's. While I have serious doubts as to whether more than a couple of them could ever successfully "mainstream" into the job market, the bottom line is that we got a lot more work done Wednesday because they were here.

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