Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rosa (China) 'Cramoisi Superieur'

This is another nice China Rose (1832), one of the many that Stefan planted in China Valley a few years back. I find myself wanting to say the same things about it that I do about many of the others. It's tough, the foliage is clean after a long humid hot summer, it's obviously re-flowering, and it has a pleasant fragrance.

This one is special for a few reasons; the rich texture of the petals, the silvery reverse, and a different but pleasing fragrance. I read that this rose is sometimes called 'the old Bermuda Red Rose', and has naturalized widely throughout the island. This particular plant will need another year or two to come into it's own, but you can see it off the right hand side of the path 3/4 of the way down China Valley.

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