Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nathan Camp on temporary assignment in Fern Valley

As our De facto staff stonemason, Nate's services were required for this project and complicated bookkeeping was, in turn, required to get him temporarily out of the Asian Collections and into Fern Valley. He's going to face this existing cinder block wall with Pennsylvania field stone. Part of the FV Trail/Bridge project involved repairing and replacing the benches throughout the collection. Along the stream on the main trail nestled into, and concealing this block wall was a large "V" shaped bench. It was a favorite of visitors; if mosquitoes and the weather allowed, there was almost always someone on that bench. The replacement for the old mossy bench is free standing and so exposes the wall. After this work we'll have to make sure the bench is far enough away from the wall to leave the new stonework visible. Maybe we need to figure out a way to get a Purple-stemmed Cliffbrake into that wall?


Anonymous said...

Do we get an after picture of the stone wall when it is done?

ChrisU said...

Yes, of course. Next week?