Thursday, October 29, 2009

Amsonia hubrechtii in the planting at the Capitol Columns

If you wondered why the native perennial, Amsonia hubrechtii, was chosen as one of the components in the planting, this is why. Wonderful fall a plant that's sturdy, dependable, and until recently virtually disease resistant. Only in the last few years have issues arisen with regard to rust; apparently there are strains of rust to which Amsonias can be susceptible. I suspect that this planting, once firmly established (next year) will be fairly tough. In addition to the annual grass Melinus nerviglumis 'Pink Crystals', the other (perennial) component of the planting is Little Bluestem, a lovely native grass. The Bluestem isn't large enough yet to assert itself in the composition, but next year at this time the Amsonia will be punctuated by warm pink clumps of grass that will last much of the winter.

The red plants in from of the mixed planting are Iteas, Itea virginica 'Little Henry'. This is another native, a shrub, that turns this great color in fall and holds on to a portion of its leaves well into winter.

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