Monday, September 14, 2009

Okay, we've got this greenhouse full, well ~1/3 full of roses and this empty rose garden.....

Last week's project was the removal of the existing rose planting in the USNA Herb Garden. Next week, we'll have this giant planting party/group project and the redesign/renovation of the rose collection in the Herb Garden will be well on the way to completion. All the roses won't be new; a few we kept in the garden and another 30? or so are being propagated and will have a place in the new plan. Its a bold and exciting move. I like it. Without reading every label, it seems as though these are mostly old-fashioned roses with examples of all the major groups. I'm excited. Roses grow quickly so, even though these are young plants, next year will be a good year, 2011 will be better and 2012 will be spectacular.

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