Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chelonopsis yagiharana, Japanese Turtlehead

This is a pretty little unpretentious perennial. There are two specimens in China Valley, one is near the top in full sun and despite being crushed between a rock and a mass of unruly sedums, has been flowering for at least two months. There isn't a lot in the literature (I include cyberliterature here) on this plant but most sources do point out the long season of bloom. The other, and the one I photographed here, is near the middle of China Valley and in a good deal more shade. Both plants are fairly short, under 2', and while the flowers are attractive and consistent, you wouldn't call it showy. Hey, there's room in the world for plants that aren't Roses, Lilies, Iris, or Hydrangeas and this is a nice one.

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