Saturday, August 1, 2009

SE Corner of workshop: Cereus, Aloe, Strelitzia, Cuphea, et alia

Last day: I sprayed this morning. Weeding went on the first few days of the visit and I've been watering and fertilizing since. Add in a couple of inches of rain and much of the material I failed to completely remove has begun to resprout so I put down a bit of glyphosate this morning. As soon as it has dried I can do touch up mulching. I tend to wait until the end of a trip to photograph the garden in larger pieces. Frankly it looks much better now than it did a week ago! It's still young though. The beds on the left in the background are island beds that more or less define the edge of our property. They are coming along.

This corner is probably the most developed part of the entire garden. The Cuphea microphylla was one of the plants that I inherited and decided to keep; I like it a lot and it handles the absence of care for months at a time effortlessly. The Bird-of-Paradise is not really a plant that ought to work here. It wants about another half zone of warmth. You do see them here and there in microclimates locally though, so I thought it might do here on a protected corner. So far so good; it grows incrementally every year and last winter was cold. The Aloe saponaria is a division of another inherited plant. I'm moving them around because they're dependable, good repetitive accents (in flower), and hummingbirds love them. The Cereus (notice the buds that will open after we've left) was a cutting from my mother-in-law's plant that she originally got from Behnke's many years ago. Finally the Stopper has an incredible amount of fruit, much of which has ripened over the past week.

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