Saturday, August 8, 2009

Atraphaxis spinosa: one of the Azerbaijani plants

Stefan's thumbnail description: "nice 3-ft. shrub, small glaucous leaves, very nice pink papery seeds." And there they are. Actually these appear to be part of the flower, perianth segments of some sort. The plants in China Valley aren't flowering; I think this is the only taxa where the container plants are outperforming the "planted" plants.

Because I had never heard of Atraphaxis, being charged with siting it in the collection motivated me to do research. It has a wide distribution, ranging from Eastern Europe to the Gobi Desert, and does, in fact, turn out to be a desert plant. I put it on a hot, sunny, fairly steep slope but the soil may be a bit moisture retentive for this particular plant. They're living and seem to be taking off now but likely won't flower this year, but hopefully in the future because it is pretty. Growing new plants is exciting!

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