Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Perovskia, Liatris, Nepeta, and drumstick Alliums in the circle in front of the Administration Building

I vaguely remember planting those Alliums on a group project a few falls back. Brad had them laid out in a vaguely riverine pattern that's not discernable from this picture. I planted from one side and someone else from the other and its really working now. They're past their prime but its more the form than the color.

The circle works best for me in the early morning with the sun coming in low. I think I like the circle better than anyone. Everybody seems to take issue with something, and maybe it wouldn't hurt to lose the 'Red Sprite' Winterberries, but the berries do a lot of work all winter and I just ignore the plants the rest of the year. There are thymes, mesembryanthemums, and other tough plants. Weeds are almost a thing of the past!

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