Thursday, July 2, 2009

I got to work early this morning, so I went to the Herb Garden

I know, I know, I know...I have a tendency to use superlatives and whats worse, to use a limited number of them. Here's the thing though, this is a wonderful garden. Wonderful is the right word here. I can't help if I've already used it three times this week (I'm only guessing, I don't think it's that bad!). Despite being limited to a garden of plants with "herbal uses", there are hundreds and hundreds of different plants here, beautiful, fragrant, interesting. The interpretation here is the best we have to offer. The garden is meticulously groomed, the plants are mature healthy specimens. Wow.

I have many gardening friendships with the generation before mine and since I'm approaching 60, I know a good number of gardening enthusiasts in their 80s. This is a very accessible garden. It's level, paved, relatively small, with a huge number of plants. If accessibility is an issue this garden is a good choice.

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