Friday, July 10, 2009

I don't know who this is but He/Shes pretty!

I haven't seen all the butterflies in the area, but I have spent the last 50 years or so largely outdoors and I don't recall ever seeing this one. Of course the memory isn't what it once was! What with "wedding excess" and all I guess it could be a release and might be native to Fiji or India or anywhere! Last Thrursday as Terry (Asian volunteer) was leaving we watched this butterfly behaving strangely on the gravel path. There was speculation that it was dying, but yesterday, one week later, as Betty (Asian volunteer) was arriving, we saw it flying happily in the same place. This time it sat still long enough for me to photograph it.

The coloration is pretty distinctive so I expect that as soon as I get hold of my butterfly field guides I'll be able to ID it. They're in Florida so that'll be two weeks from yesterday, but who's counting?! Me. I'm planting a lime this time. No one in the community has a lime and I like them for cooking and bartending. Chris Carley recommended some varieties. Maybe We'll plant two different ones but I hate to dedicate that much space to one fruit. We'll see.

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Alice Eichman said...

Chris, fortunately our butterfly guides are here in Md. We're pretty sure it is a Red-spotted Purple. Tom says he, too, has had trouble photographing one because of excessive movement. Alice