Thursday, May 21, 2009

Paeonea 'Buddha's Lotus Seat'....Those super names just keep on coming

Like the Peonies keep on blooming. This is a spectacular flower and I discretely eavesdropped on visitors commenting to that effect all day. Actually it is a larger and nicer version of a Peony in the Adelphi garden called 'Karen Gray'. {15 minute hiatus} When I am working inside, I take regular short walks through the garden. I have noted only today's and yesterday's for reasons that are and will become obvious.

We have the Peony 'Karen Gray' because it was the gift of a client of mine who knew Karen's (my wife) name. The plant has languished on the least maintained spot on the property for, probably 12 years; I was vaguely aware that a Peony had appeared in a bed that I had dedicated to Natives and Hardy Tropicals. Lo and Behold! all I had to do was take the picture, write the paragraph, and the first flower appears on this new Peony. Of course it's the, unbeknownst to me transplanted,'Karen Gray'.....The world is an odd place.

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