Friday, May 1, 2009

The Morrison Garden in the Azalea Collections at the National Arboretum

This was always going to be the peak weekend for Azaleas but the 4 90F degree days earlier this week guaranteed that anything close to being open would open. I ran through the collection this afternoon and it is beyond my powers of hyperbole to describe it. I don't post this collection a lot because you have to actually get out of your vehicle and walk into it and I rarely have much time in the mornings and well....I don't know about the afternoons, but it is definitely worth a visit this weekend. Don't be concerned about forecasted cloudy weather; the colors are actually a bit nicer when it's overcast (notice how my photographic skills fail to handle them in the sun!) If you miss this weekend there will still be plenty of flowers for the next few weeks. The Rhododendrons largely follow the Azaleas and they've just started.

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