Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trochodendron aralioides: I knew I liked this plant

I admired the dehiscent syncarpelous fruit of this plant this past winter; look! the buds, actually the bracts enclosing the buds, are pretty spectacular too. I knew I wasn't shallow enough to fall for a one-season plant. This individual is in the Asian Collections at the USNA; it'll still be nice this weekend, a very cool plant. It's obtainable from a few places, none, so far as I know, local. Forestfarm, on the west coast, lists two sizes in their online catalog. They carry an extremely wide range of usual and less-usual plants. I have never had any problem with them, save the fact that shipping is fairly high (but, I assume, fair). They're a good resource through which you can often obtain the obscure plants featured in garden magazines.

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