Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lahr Native Plant Symposium (this is a picture from 2008) but 2009 will happen March 28

The Plant Sale isn't the best part of the Lahr Symposium, but it is a very good part. There are usually somewhere around 10 vendors who specialize in native plants. The sale is open to everyone, but Lahr Registrants are allowed early entry...first crack at the good stuff! Trilliums, Hepaticas, Needle Palms, Carolina Jasmine, fragrant azaleas, spring can buy these plants from catalogues or on-line, but the sale offers you the opportunity to look, choose, buy, then go home and plant all in one day.

This picture of the sales area show the vendors setting up the one day sale. We switch to Daylight Savings Time in early March so the sun won't rise till just about 7:00 for this year's Lahr which will be March 28. I don't know about this Daylight Savings Time thing, hey, by next weekend sunrise will reach 7:00. I like early sunrises so I'm not so crazy about this spring ahead thing.

The symposium itself, Native Plants: in Design will be number 23 in the series. (click on the link for registration information) .If you do register, after, or before? you hit those vendors you will have the opportunity to hear a linup of great speakers (and me) discuss aspects of design and native plants. I will talk about how to add wonderful native to your garden gently and seamlessly.

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