Sunday, November 30, 2008

The trail work in Fern Valley moves into its final phase!

In addition to resurfacing the existing trails, a few spurs and one fairly major section have been added down the middle of the shady cultivar area. The existing trails have been rerouted a bit here and there in an attempt to avoid disturbing the roots of existing trees.

The new trail will consist of a base of what is the "Green" equivalent of CR-6 overlain with two inches of red gravel and topped with an inch of red stone dust. The final tamped surface will pack down (notice the power tamper in the picture) and become a smooth hard surface that will make many parts of FV handicapped accessible. The light brown material on the left-hand trail is the base material. The trail reflected on the right-hand side of the picture is the new section. Joan tells me that this is actually a reincarnation of an older trail that was fell into disuse and was allowed to return to its natural state. It is a pleasant trail with, I think, a nicer "feel" than the existing trails around it. Anyway one result of this work is that the plantings in the area will be far more accessible both visually and physically.

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