Saturday, October 18, 2008

Beltsville Library Courtyard in the Morning

Its a beautiful crisp (Relative Humidity 60%) cool (48F) fall day. Leaf color is beginning to happen; the distinctive horizontal branching and the fiery red of Black Gums stand out against the unturned foliage of other trees. Sugar maples colored early this year. It will be another good day to be outside and I'm going to the Library today. Next week is National Friends of Libraries Week and Beltsville is having an open house that will feature the newly reworked courtyard. Today I am going to prune some branches from the birch, water, and finish the map so that it will be ready for next week. That'll be fun.

Back now. All done. Removed dead and low branches from Heritage birch. Fertilized pansies et alia. Did a bit of corrective pruning on the Dogwood and the Japanese Maple. The nandinas and the Japanese maple have good fall color. Chrysanthemum rubellum 'Bolero' is at peak bloom and will be fading next weekend. The other two rubellums are resisting opening their buds. This combined with the fall camellias holding back will produce a dearth of flowers next weekend. Oh well. The perpetual gardener's lament. Should have been here last week or next week! I promise not to alibi next week.

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