Monday, September 1, 2008

Doug Hill seems like such a nice guy; why do I want to scream at him?

Don't meteorologists know we need rain sometimes?Are we, the gardeners, the only people who notice when it doesn't rain!?! Again we are suffering from an extreme deficit of precipitation and yet we have to listen to the meteorologists on the local news cheerfully assuring us that we don't have to worry about those clouds out there because they aren't going to produce any rain. And the weekend will be sunny and dry. As if that were a good thing when our gardens are wilting two days after we water them! I bet it bothers farmers more than it does me. But maybe they're more used to adversity than gardeners.

I suspect that we are at a place where professionals pretty much all live in condos with maintenance crews or have irrigation for their landscapes, so the absence of rain, if they even notice it, just isn't anything that resonates with them. When we do finally hit official "drought" conditions they are so all over it that you get sick of hearing about it. Roofs are good and walls, heating is good and insulation. Don't get me wrong, I love air conditioning. I remember not having it growing up, uncomfortably awake in the middle of the night longing for for a breeze or a thunderstorm to cool things off. I don't know why there weren't more murders. But is it good to be so divorced from nature that we don't notice farms, parks, and gardens drying up? I guess that will make us better able to adapt to life on generations long space voyages, or in sterile abiotic living quarters on hostile worlds. And eventually our agriculture will be all hydropinics and chemical synthesis. But for now....

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