Thursday, August 7, 2008

Interns.....Just when you get to know them they go back to school!

I don't know if this is the most interns the Arboretum has ever had but it's certainly the most that have been here during my most recent tenure. And they're all good workers, knowledgeable, sensible, and self possessed. I have wondered before about how the world works; how does it happen that you get a group like this, not to suggest that past years were chopped liver, but these guys were, are, an exceptional group. Most of them will be leaving over the next week or two or three. One or two may repeat next year but maybe not. I hope so.

It is always sad when they leave. The headhouse goes from being a loud, busy, conversational place to a more sedate, quieter, calmer (not in a good way) location. And it's still hot. This year we will not only lose a lot of interns, but seasonal laborers as well. Of course more will arrive next summer but thats not really a consolation right now.

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