Friday, July 11, 2008

The three surveyors are on point....The question is: where are the points?

This is a view out through the Meadow, with the Prairie to the right, towards the Capitol Columns (invisible in the distance). If you walk towards the camera on the path, you are entering Fern Valley via the new Main Entrance.

Stefan, John, and I plotted points to allow us to map the new pathway, the adjacent trees, and the forest edge. Due to some problems with the coordinate system we may have to do it over again, but hey, we're good at it now and what took a bit over two hours I bet we can do in One. Anyway, we needed an accurate plot so that we can finalize a footprint for the "Sunny Cultivar Bed" and begin killing the existing vegetation so that we won't have horrible weed problems when we do plant the garden.

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