Sunday, June 8, 2008

I wasn't sure about putting the map up; if I told you an exact location I would have to kill you. We won't tell you the exact location, but it does have something to do with that Fish Hatchery.

This last station of Shortia was clearly always going to be the most problematic. It is part of a disjunct from the main large populations in Oconee County SC and adjacent environs in North Carolina. Joan had references for these Lake James Shortia from 1952 with implicit confirmation somewhat later but because this was less concrete than our first encounters, we ended Wednesday in Asheville at the Public Library looking at their files of USGS Quadrangles. We located what seemed to be our site and determined to spend the night closer, in Marion. Since we had to both locate the Shortias and drive home on Thursday making that a big day, on Jeanna's recommendation we had a nice dinner at Salsa, an excellent Mexican/Carribean eatery. Incredible Mojitas and a menu I am sure I couldn't have gone wrong with if I tried. Dinner was beyond excellent and after some issues finding lodgings in Marion, we woke up Thursday nourished and refreshed.

Its almost boring how easy it was. We drove to what we thought was the site, questioned the staff about the Shortia, and again struck gold. One person knew about the Shortia, had seen it ~10 years ago, and gave us directions that coincided with our own conclusions. Less than an hour later we found the Wplants. They were not so numerous as at most of the previous sites, but they were there. We were soon packed up and on the road home.

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