Sunday, June 29, 2008

10 Year old planting of Canna 'Bengal Tiger' at our local Safeway. This is a truly hardy canna!

I had a "plant dream" last night; actually it was more a "nursery dream". I was in a small super nursery. Of course the plants were unbelievable. Sculpturally contorted succulents. Alpine buns with flowers all the colors of the rainbow, tropical foliage plants with leaves the size of tabletops, and vines with flowers so sweet smelling that....It was sort of a Venice with plants with canals everywhere. The beds were islands and while there were any number of small rickety bridges, occasionally a canoe or small skiff was necessary to move on.

The proprietress was clearly a gruff composite of women I know who own small Nurseries. She was no nonsense, clearly a person who loved plants and could choose excellent ones, but who still intended to operate a business at a p;rofit. Hello Martha and Darby! Native plants weren't isolated in a group, but they were there and nice ones too.

I think this dream was my unconscious rejecting a post I have been working at for a week or so in which I tried to promote "boring" plants, plants like Wax Begonias and Rose-of-Sharon, and Caladiums (that I actually like a lot). I guess I'll let that one go!

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