Friday, May 23, 2008

Hey, it rained in Wildwood Florida and more is forecast!

Since we left in April after planting, oh, maybe 500$ of new plant material, it has rained once .22". That was 3 weeks ago. Today we got at least 1/4" and heavy rains are forecast for tonight and tomorrow. The radar shows them as spotty, but anything would be good. All of the plants that have gone in over the last year are xerophytes, but they aren't all established, and may be susceptible to prolonged drought now.

This is more or less how it looked when we left. The spiky pink plant in the middle is Phormium 'Pink Stripe' and the scraggly green to the left of it is what would be a thick clump of Butterfly Ginger given adequate water. I am guessing after 2 months of inadequate water it looks pretty sad. But it isn't dead, its dehydrated. Just add water.

I picked up my new glasses in Costco tonight, and just across from the optical counter was a display of remote cameras. We are considering installing a few cameras to be able to watch the garden on line. Then I need to engineer away to operate to irrigation zones remotely. That way I could go on line, scan the gardens, and water accordingly. I think its doable.

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