Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Florida After 4 Months...Heliotrope Flowering

We got in about 8:00 Saturday night and there was a chuck-will's widow calling from the yard across the street. That's cool. I had not heard this bird here before and so close! It must have been a good omen because this is the first time I have come back to this garden and not been disappointed in the condition of the plants. Usually I find that dry periods have prevented much growth or even killed a plant here or there. Of course the first plantings only date to 10/2006, which is just a year and a half ago, but things grow quickly down here. Some woody plants have doubled or tripled in size. Anyway, after pruning out a bit of dead wood here and there, removing old leaves from phormiums, and pulling a few of the bigger weeds (another issue!), the garden was very satisfying.

The newly planted phormiums are wonderful, the dianella is still blooming (actually I am having second thoughts about this plant. It grows incredibly quickly and produces lots of seed...), the Meyer lemon has recovered from the frost that burned its new growth in December, the Hamelia has resprouted as advertised, Lyonia ferrugenea never missed a beat and has flower buds. And on and on. Heliotropium polyphyllum is flowering and has assumed a general aspect of health that it didn't have up until now. Native, really, farther south I had not been certain that this would be happy but it is an interesting plant, pollinated by long-tongued moths.

Now its time to weed and plant, probably not in that order.

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